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Pie fight returns

by henrycopeland
Monday, May 25th, 2009

We launched a new ad format over at DailyKos in April. Called the “Action Tag,” the ad format allows an advertiser to promote a specific action after a post that deals with a relevant topic area. The SEIU helped inspire the ad functionality and been using Action Tags to promote actions around health care and employee free choice.

This weekend, some of the folks at DailyKos started to debate the new functionality, weighing in on its pros and cons. The discussion has been lengthy and inspiring, and has provided some good ideas for improving the functionality, which we’ll begin to impliment shortly in concert with SEIU and Dkos.

Above and beyond the particulars of the debate, I’ve enjoyed the fact that the debate has revived a discussion that began four years ago about an risque ad for Turner Broadcasts’ reality TV remake of Gilligan’s Island. It’s amazing to see the pie-fight meme live on in the Kos community.

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