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Women bloggers <3 online advertising

by Nick Faber
Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Graphic via marketingprofs.com

Advertisers hunting for good social media partners should focus on women.

In a recent survey of 2,480 female bloggers, 90% of the respondents like partnering with brands, as long as they are compensated. Of the 42% of bloggers approached by brands, the most commonly accepted sponsorship types are online reviews, (26%), affiliate program promotions (15%), and direct advertising (13%).

As MarketingProfs.com points out, bloggers value relationships with brands:

Female bloggers have positive opinions about brand-sponsored social media and blog campaigns: 60% say they respect brands that want to interact with bloggers, remarking “campaigns are fun,” often “validate their blogs,” and present “great opportunities to earn revenue.”

A separarte study by Marina Maher reveals that this relationship is mutually beneficial, as Jack Neff of AdvertisingAge writes:

These “Influence-Hers” have considerably larger social networks — both online and offline — totaling on average about 170 people they interact with regularly, compared with 75 for a typical woman, said Marina Maher Managing Director Keith Hughes.

Besides having a larger social circle, they also tend to be more actively engaged with brands. The Influence-Hers are 38% more likely than typical women to “like” brands on Facebook or to provide personal information to brands they like on Facebook. They’re also 105% more likely to post positive experiences and 125% more likely to post negative experiences about brands online.

We’ve had similar findings in our own network, with a strong majority female bloggers eager to team up with brands for fun campaigns. If you’re looking to partner with “Influence-Hers,” check out our Women’s Hive, featuring over 350 of the most influential women on the web.


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