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Maddow Calls Steve Benen “Smartest Politics Blogger in the Country”

by Nick Faber
Friday, May 6th, 2011

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow quoted LBAN blogger, Steve Benen of Washington Monthly’s Political Animal in last night’s episode. In addition to the quote, she called Benen “The Smartest Politics Blogger in the Country.”

Here’s the quote:

And while that’s certainly good news, it probably won’t come as a relief to vulnerable House Republicans. Remember, they knew ending Medicare would be unpopular, they knew Democrats would never go for it, but they voted for a budget plan that scrapped Medicare anyway. Some of those GOP lawmakers almost certainly didn’t want to go along, but they¬†stuck their necks out and voted for this ridiculous agenda because their leaders asked them to.

A month later, those same leaders are moving away from their own idea, leaving their most vulnerable members with nothing more than attacks ads to look forward to.

Congrats, Steve!

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